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 Teh Brochitis!

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Teh Brochitis! Empty
PostSubject: Teh Brochitis!   Teh Brochitis! EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 9:20 am

Hey all! I'm feeling PRETTY bad right now... I've been feeling sick now (sore throat, coughing, stuffed nose, fever of 101-103.3, and other symptoms) for about 2 weeks. My mom finally took me to the doctor yesterday after missing several days of school and I found out that I have bronchitis!!! YAYY!!! Not really... It sucks. I have meds/prescription that I'm on called a Z pack. I have to take 1 pill everyday for 5 days and hopefully I'll feel better. I've been feeling a little better today and I just hope I can get back to modeling soon. Wish me a full recovery!!!

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Teh Brochitis!
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